Russell C Nelson, DDS


About Dr. Nelson

Dr. Nelson graduated Cum Laude from Washington Jefferson College with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology. He went on to The University of Texas Dental Branch at Houston where he graduated in 1983 with his Doctor of Dental Surgery. Dr. Nelson has been practicing dentistry in the Oak Hill area of Austin, Texas for 27 years.

In his practice Dr. Nelson works with patients to comfortably alleviate dental issues as well as to assist patients in reaching their desired look through cosmetic dental procedures. Dr. Nelson skillfully
provides all general dentistry services including fillings, crowns, root canals, veneers, implant restorations, whitening, wisdom tooth extraction, dentures and a variety of other procedures. He is also able to provide invisible braces and other dental appliances.

It is no secret that people are frequently afraid of visiting the dentist or worried that dental work will be painful. Dr. Nelson prides himself on working with patients to make them comfortable through
a variety of available anesthetics. He is also especially careful and patient when working with children and endeavors to make their dental experiences as worry free as possible.

Dr. Nelson realizes that dental emergencies can be extremely painful and do not always occur during regular business hours. He is available after hours and on weekends to provide emergency services as
well as to follow up with patients regarding recent procedures.

For the past 10 years Dr. Nelson has gone on many dental mission trips to provide dental care to residents of Galeana, Mexico and its surrounding villages, the border region of south Texas and
Visahapatnam, India. He has plans to continue this ministry in the years to come.

Dr. Nelson married the love of his life, Marian while attending dental school 29 years ago.  Both Dr. Nelson and his wife, Marian, enjoy working with each other 
and make a great team! Together they have three grown children: Bethany, Hannah and Seth. In his free time he enjoys skiing, hiking, boating, woodworking, stained glass and bicycling. He also takes great pleasure in spending time with friends and family and is an active member in Sunset Canyon Baptist Church, serving as a deacon and on various committees throughout the years.

Our Staff

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“Thank you all for the care all of you gave me! Janette,  Yvette, Marian and Dr. Nelson - all of you contributed to my incredible dental experience.  The office was not only very professional, but incredibly
kind, polite and fun! I appreciate all that you did for me.” Thank you!  Marion Whiting

Oak Hill Family Dental Staff,

     "Thank you for your exceptional care of our family.  Not only do you provide excellent care but you are also so kind and caring! We are so thankful to be a part of your dental care. ” The Connan Coker Family

“Just the mention of Russell Nelson brings a smile to my face!  And a very nice, white, bright smile thanks to Russell, my awesome dentist for the past 20 years.  Russell is a very competent, honest, pleasant, caring dentist - and so much more, he is my friend.  His strong Christian values are evident in and out of his dental practice.  And I am especially grateful that my two children, Sarah age 18 and Bryan age 15, have NEVER had a cavity  in their entire lives - I give all that credit to Russell.
 And that's a huge reason to smile!” Terry Payne